Merging Records
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Records in Artisan can be merged if you discover that you have duplicates. This applies to Item, Category, Vendor and Customer Records.

NOTE: This does not combine any information within the records, only references from other records such as sales and activity lists. There is currently no way to do this except for the special case of using "Locate and/or Merge Duplicate Addresses" in "Manage Customer Addresses". Artisan Users Manual Version 3.0 Chapter 8.5.

When merging records you will use either the Item Code, Vendor Code, Category Code or the Customer ID.

Follow these 3 simple steps to combine your duplicate records into one record. To merge references for a "bad" code into a "good" code. Make note of both codes before you begin.

1 - Delete the "bad" record. Say Yes to all questions.
2 - Rename the "good" record to the "bad" one (change its code). Save and say Yes  to all questions.
3 - Rename this same record (now called "bad") back to "good". Save and say Yes to all questions.

Another advantage of this method is that you can use it after the fact, when you've lost references by doing just step 1. You can proceed from step 2 and pick up the dangling references.

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