Adding Images
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How to add, store and use images with Artisan POS. 

NOTE: This information can be referenced in the Artisan User's Manual Version 3.0 Chapter and Chapter 5.2.6

  • Please note the Artisan folder (usually on your C: drive) contains a number of folders.  For this instance the “Data” Folder is a sub-folder of the Artisan folder

  • We normally recommend creating a new sub-folder in your Artisan folder and not in your Data folder.  The reason for this is that images will increase the size of your back up and also they are then easier to locate and edit if they are all in one place. If you are using Artisan on more than one station it makes sense to create a sub-folder in your Artisan folder at your Main Station (server), as the entire Artisan folder should already be shared and therefore accessible to the other computers on the network. 

  • If you are using pictures in multiple locations (Multi Store), your pictures will not be included in the remote file if they are not in your Artisan Data folder.
  • To sync pictures between stores we recommend using a  folder in Dropbox as the default location for your pictures. This will allow you to update images for all locations using one folder and not increasing the size of your data folder. This folder will need to be shared over the network if you have multiple stations at each location.
Alternatively, if your data is not very big, you can move pictures between locations easily if they are in the Data folder.  This will increase the time of your remote refresh and load but will allow you to manage your pictures in one location and prevent you from having to move an additional file to the other locations.

Where Do I Go
Go to your My Computer screen (Explore) and open the Artisan folder on the C: drive (shown in the image opposite). From the File Menu in your My Computer screen select New and then New Folder - name this folder for your images, for this example we will call this folder Pictures.

If you are going to transfer your pictures between locations (Multi-Store) please note that they will only be automatically moved when your files are merged if they are in the Artisan Data folder.
When CerTek sets up your Dropbox the directory path will be C:\Dropbox\Artisan, which can also be found using the above instructions. You can add a folder here for your pictures. 

Entering a Folder Name for Images
Now return to Artisan, from the Main Menu=>System Administration=>Configuration Settings=>Miscellaneous Program Options (this station) - once in this screen use F4=More Info...
In the Directory Path for Pictures type in C:\Artisan\Pictures OR C:\Dropbox\Artisan\Pictures
If you are saving your images into your Artisan Data folder you do not need to complete this step. Artisan will automatically know that this is where your images are being stored. 

Adding Images to Artisan
Now you are ready to add the images to the Artisan Item Record.
From the Artisan Main Menu=>Inventory & Pricing=>Inventory Records=>Item Records (Products) - select the item record from this list which you want to add the image to. Use F4 or Enter to bring up this item record screen - now use F4 for More Info... and then select Product Pictures...- here you will find the fields to enter the file name of your image(s). You can also view the image from here.
Helpful Hint
If you name your images with either the SKU or the Vendor Part Number that is listed in your Item Record, Artisan will automatically find the picture associated with this item with out you having to fill in the image name in the item record.

Viewing Images in the Cash Register
Enter your item into the Cash Register screen. You can then use Alt-P to bring the image up on the screen, this can also be found in your Operations Menu select More Operations and then select Show Product Picture Alt-P.

Quick Pick Pictures
If you use your Quick Pick option in the Cash Register (F11) you can assign pictures to these buttons so that they are easy to select at the time of the sale. These buttons are normally used for more frequently sold items.
In the Item Record screen select F4 for More Info... There is a field here called Menu Order, if this is anything other than zero this item will show on your Quick Pick list, if you already have a picture for this record the picture will show on the button.

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