Using Gift Registry Item as Store Credit
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  1. Create Gift Registry. See 3.0 Manual Chapter 13
  2. When a purchase is made from a Gift Registry ring up item as normal with the purchasing customer’s name already selected.
  3. Press ALT F6 to recall Gift Registry
  4. Select correct Registry
  5. Select Menu Choice #4 “Give Credit for Registry Items As Gifts Due”.
  6. Finalize sale as normal. On the Cash Register Screen it will show “Credit To: <Registrants Name>"
  7. When Registrants returns to purchase Items, the credit(s) will be shown at the top of the Cash Register Screen once that Registrant’s name has been selected.
  8. Sell Items as normal and finalize
  9. Use “Store Credit” for payment type and select which credit to use. Remaining balances will stay as “Store Credit”.

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