File Sharing the Artisan Folder
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File Sharing Windows 7

Enabling File Sharing.

1 - Click on Start => Search Program and Files type “Networking and Sharing”.   


 2 - At the top of the Start Menu  click on “Network and Sharing Center”  


  3 - Next Make sure your Network is Set to “ Home” Or “Work” Network  this is under the heading “View Your Active Networks” 

If it says “Public Network Click on the Blue “Public Network”  to change to be part of Work Network


4 - Next Click on “Change Advance Sharing settings”   In the left hand side.

 *Under the section file and printer sharing.  Make sure the dot is on “Turn on file and printer sharing” 

 *Under the section password protected sharing. Make sure the dot is on “Turn off password protected sharing”.

Save your changes.


Sharing the Artisan Folder

 This article assumes Artisan has been setup to the default path of C:\Artisan\Data. If you used a different path please substitute your directory path for "C:\Artisan\Data".  

Click Start  => Computer  => Local Disk / OS (C:)  (double click on "Local Disc (C:)" to see folders.


Right click on the Artisan folder in the list.
    Move the Mouse over to “Share With” then click on “Specific people

In the box type “Everyone” and click Add


Next click on "Everyone" in the list and change the “Permission Level” to be "Read and Write

Now click Share. You will now have a window that says “Your folder is shared.” Listing the full UNC path to this shared folder, you will need to write this down for later use -  \\computername\path - for example \\Register01\Artisan\Data. Now click on the Done button at the bottom right of this window.

Use the new UNC path to connect all other computers to the Artisan Data folder. 

Connecting to the Artisan Share.

Click Start > Computer / My Computer > In the top Address bar type Path you copied down earlier starting with \\computername\ leaving off the rest of the line after first single \

Pressing enter should open up a Window listing Folders and Printers shared from this computer Artisan folder should be in the list.  Double click on the Artisan Folder to make sure it can be opened up without giving any errors.   

Alternate way of Opening the share is pressing the Windows Flag on the keyboard + R and typing the path in the run box and pressing on the “OK” button you should see the files shared from the other computer. Double click on the Artisan Folder to make sure it can be opened up without giving any errors.

Pointing Artisan to the Share.

Opening Artisan for the first time.

Click Start with Real Data => Choose a Specific location => “Path name for Data Directory” 

Type in the Share Address you wrote down from before i.e \\Computer-Name\Artisan\Data

Click Save.  Artisan Will now ask if  you want to “Add as a Brand New Station” OR “Make this computer a replacement for Existing Station.” (if this is replacing a station)

Choose Add as a Brand new station if this is the first time setup or you are adding an additional station.



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