Using UNC Paths in Artisan
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Using UNC Paths When Setting Up A Multi-Station Network. Before you begin make sure you have shared the Artisan folder and you know what the UNC path for the Artisan Data is. 

  • Note: Artisan POS Plus Upgrade Manual Version 3.3 – Chapter 3.9
  •  Make sure you have set up your network correctly and that all computers are visible on the network. Instructions for Enabling Windows File Sharing.
  •  On your main computer, Register01 (for the purposes of this article), replace "Register01" with your computer name. Make sure you share the Artisan folder as described in the Enabling Windows File Sharing
  •  Now go to a secondary computer and open Artisan. You will see a screen similar to this.

  • Select number 2) Choose a Specific Location for your Real Data. Remember, we are now on one of the networked computers which needs to access the data on the main computer, Register01.
  • Type in the directory path of your real data as follows -\\computername. For the example we are using you will type in - \\Register01\Artisan\Data(see screen shot below). Then select Save, Artisan should now open to the Main Menu and will be accessing your Real Data on the Main Computer.

Click Save.  Artisan Will now ask if  you want to “Add as a Brand New Station” OR “Make this computer a replacement for Existing Station.” (if this is replacing a station)
Choose Add as a Brand new station if this is the first time setup or you are adding an additional station.

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