Backup and Restore
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Backup Artisan Data Manually

Do not store your Artisan Backup Data on the main computer, this is the computer where the Artisan Data is and if this computer fails you will also lose the backup. You can use a secondary computer, USB storage device or Dropbox.

Step 1: Going to backup screen 

Click Tools at the top left of Artisan 

Next fill in the path to the backup directory (i.e C:\Dropbox\Artisan\Backups). Dropbox is Cloud based storage (stored offsite), they offer free & paid accounts. 

NOTE: if this is a Multi-Store setup you will also want to add another sub folder for the site i.e C:\Dropbox\Artisan\Backups\Site1
Make sure "Verify After Writing" is Y and "Re-Index" is Y

Click start       


Step 2: Running The Backup

 Artisan will run a Re-index and then a black window will popup with scrolling writing. Do Not close this window. 

Once the backup is complete Artisan will say “Backup Completed & Verified

If when you select "Start" the message “Drive (letter) Does not exist or is unavailable.” then you will need to select an alternate directory path for the backup, this is common when using USB storage devices if they have been unplugged, the drive letter may change. 

OR use F2 to browse your computer for a new location. OR y
ou can check Windows File Explorer / Computer to see the letter.

 Restore Artisan Data/ Move Artisan to a new computer

Only use this option if you need to Restore your Artisan data to recover lost data or your computer has crashed. Doing a Restore will OVERWRITE your Artisan data. CerTek Software Designs will not be able to recover your data if you do accidentally overwrite your data with an older backup. Please contact CerTek Support with any questions.

 If stating Artisan for the Very First time

Select Start with Real Data

Select Default Location for a Single Station - C:\Artisan\Data

For this Next Step we are going to assume you are going to restore the data to the Main computer at the default location.

Next Artisan will be at "This Directory has never been used"

Select "Load Directory with Data Restored from Backup"  

Artisan will As for the Backup Directory path to restore the files from

you can double-click on the path or press F2 to browse for the backup file you can also type path in directly including UNC path i.e E:\Backup or \\computer_name\share (UNC  path For Artisan versions 3.3 + ) (img10)

In the folder where your backup is there will be a list of files named by date,  (YYMMDD), you can double check here to see if you have the correct backup available.  When you select "Restore Database from Backup" enter in the correct directory path for the backup. Start

Select the most current date OR the date you wish to restore. Enter.

Once Done you should be in Artisan with your store name at the top.

If Artisan shows -No Match- under backup Date check the Directory Path. 

If restoring from a USB storage device some times the backups are in the Root Directory, eg. E:\.  If this is a new computer the USB storage device may be a different drive letter. You can check Windows File Explorer/Computer to find the correct directory path.


**If you need to change the directory that Artisan will restore the data to then select "Try again or Choose Another Data Directory" = > "Choose a Specific Location". Enter in the Pathname for the Data Directory. This can be UNC Path or another location on the hard drive. We recommend using the default location of  C:\Artisan\Data for the MAIN COMPUTER ONLY if you use Artisan on more then one computer see the article for Windows File sharing.



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