Downloading & Installing Artisan POS
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You will need a User Name and Password to access this area of the Web Site. Please contact support if you do not have this information.

Have you made a backup of your Artisan Data?
Please make sure you have a current backup before you install the upgrade of Artisan POS on any computer.

Please do this download on your Main computer (the computer where your Artisan data is stored) if at all possible as this will allow you to download only once but still install the program (upgrade) onto all your networked stations.

Step One:
The above web address will bring you to the initial download page. Once you select Enter Download Area you will be prompted for the User Name and Password to access this part of the website. If you do not have this information please contact CerTek Software Designs.

Step Two:
The intention of these instructions is to guide you through installing Artisan POS but there are a number of different downloads available on this page including Crystal Reports Viewer which is the report engine we use in Artisan for some reports. Please make sure you install Crystal Reports Viewer on all computers that have Artisan.

Once you have entered your User Name and Password you will see a screen similar to the one above. Select Artisan Point of Sale Software.

Step Three:

Note: Please read the instructions on this web page carefully, you will be able to determine what version of Artisan POS Plus you are eligible for, and if you will need a new license key before you install the upgrade. If you are not correctly licensed you will not be able to run Artisan once you have installed the upgrade. If you have any questions please contact support.

Make sure that you are properly licensed (even if you have a support contract) before downloading. Please read the website carefully before proceeding if you are not sure.

On this screen you will want to select the version of Artisan you wish to download. We recommend that you try to stay as up to date as possible. We continue to add features and enhance existing features and to take advantage of this you should try to stay current.
Complete the 3 required fields to help us keep our records up to date. Now select theSUBMIT and Go To Download Page button.

Step Four:

You will find additional instructions on this web page. Select the Click here to download Artisan POS Plus Version.

NOTE: Depending on the internet browser you are using your file will either download automatically or you will be prompted to Save the file. You will need to find this file once it is downloaded so that you can run the installation. If you have an option of where to save the file then select C:\Artisan, this make the file easy to find after the download. 

If the window below does not automatically pop-up to start the install then you may find the downloaded file in your Downloads folder on your computer (C:\Users\Owner\Downloads), the version number is part of the file name. 

Make sure that the Artisan POS Plus program is closed on all stations.
Do you have a current backup of Artisan? If not, stop and make a backup before you begin the installation of the upgrade.

Now run through the Installation Wizard. Start by selecting Next and follow the prompts until the last option of Finish. Once this is finished you will have the Artisan icon on your desktop and you can double click to open the program. 

Once the installation is complete open Artisan so that the data is upgraded to the latest version. Once this is complete you will be able to open Artisan on any additional computers you will receive a prompt that "This version of Artisan is to old to use the selected data files, but a newer version is available. Do you want to upgrade to version X.X.XX now?" Answer Yes to this prompt and then OK.


The upgrade will automatically install on this computer and the next time you open Artisan it will be ready to use with the new version.

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