Printer Assignments
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This section covers the basics for assigning specific tasks to specific printers.

NOTE: This information can be referenced in the Artisan User's Manual Version 3.0 
Chapter 5 Page 5-47

Where do I go?  Printer Assignments  NOTE  Troubleshooting  Important Notes

Where do I go?

Use the "GO" menu located at the top of your Artisan screen, then Device Configuration => Printers.


At the Main Menu => System Administration => Configuration Settings => Device Configuration => Printers

Printer Assignments

Artisan supports up to 6 printers per station. Printer # 1 is setup to print to your Windows Default printer ans is set as a report printer by default.

Printer Assignments is used to specify which printer in this list is used for printing specific tasks.

Printer Assignments Screen Detail

This is a per station  setting so you are able to perform different printing tasks at different stations.
For each printing task that is to be performed at this station enter the number of the printer you want to perform this printing task (1 to 6, or 0 to Disable printing for this task), the number of copies to be printed and the form files(s) to be used.

NOTE:  If you enter "S" in place of the printer number, the report will only display on the screen.


Artisan allows you to control the layout and content of many of it's printed forms. The program comes per-configured with a number of sample forms. You can use these form, modify them (See Appendix B of the Artisan POS Upgrade Manual), or select new ones.

Many of these choices are self explanatory. The most common printing tasks include printing reports & sales slips (Receipts). Say we have 2 printers, one is our receipt printer the other is a normal full sheet printer. For this example we know the report printer by default is number 1. By looking at the image above, you can see that everything by default is set to Printer #1. This is how it will appear when you first start using Artisan. When you set up additional printers with Artisan you will be able to assign printing tasks to the correct printer number on this screen.


Generally, if a printer works in Windows, it will work in Artisan. For more help with installing printer drivers please see the Installing Printer Drivers. For some printers you can use a Generic Text driver.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Check that the cables are properly attached at BOTH ends.
  2. Check that the POWER cable in plugged in and that the printer is turned ON.
  3. In the Control Panel or Window, check that the printer is installed.
  4. In Device Configuration =>Printers => Printer Assignments, check that Artisan has the printer properly configured.
  5. In Device Configuration => Printers => Printer Assignments, check that the Printer has the proper assignment.
  6. Check that the Ribbon (If needed) & the paper (plain paper, receipt paper or labels) are properly loaded into the printer.
  7. Turn OFF the printer and wait 15 seconds. Restart the printer.
  8. Reboot your station.
  9. Check for print jobs in the queue in the Printers & Faxes window in Windows.
  10. If the above steps have not provided the remedy you desire, see "Other Resources" below.
Other Resources
 If all this fails please either contact the CerTek Software Designs Support Team or the manufacturer of the printer.

Important Notes
 If you purchased your computer through CerTek, it was pre-configured prior to shipping. Please set an appointment with the CerTek Software Support team to set up and configure your computer with Artisan. If you purchase just a peripheral device such as a label printer, it has been tested prior to shipping but you will need to install and configure the device.
Testing a Printer is easy and can be done within ARtisan itself. In your Device Configurations Menu, Click Printers. Select the Printer you wish to test from the list. This will bring up a configuration window for theat printer. At the bottom of the screen you will see a button labeled TEST. Click to test your Printer. If installed correclty the Printer should automatically start printing an Artisan Tes Page. The test page should be centered showing stars (**) on each side with TEST LINES.

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