Kit to sell Wine by the Glass and Bottle
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1 – Create an item record for the Bottle of wine with correct pricing and inventory tracking turned on.
2 – Create an item record for the Glass of wine with correct pricing. Turn Inventory Kit to Y. The Kit Component will be the bottle of wine. The qty will be the decimal amount of glasses from the bottle. For example, if you get 5 glasses from a bottle then the qty will be .20 of one bottle.
3 – Make sure the inventory tracking is turned on in both records.
4 – The wine will be ordered by the bottle or case however you have that record set up.
5 – When you need glasses of wine you will be adding them 5 at a time because this is a complete bottle for this example. (Always use the number of glasses per bottle when adding to the glass of wine inventory).
6 – When you increase the glass inventory you will be prompted Why? The answer is Kit Built from Components – this will remove a bottle of wine from the bottle item inventory.
7 – If you do not use all the bottles you had assigned to the Glass of Wine then they can be converted back to the Bottle of Wine inventory by reducing the Glass of Wine by 5 at a time (for this example). When you reduce the QOH of the glasses by 5 you will be prompted Why? Kit Broken Down into Components ('Unbuilt') – this will put bottles into the Bottle item and remove glasses from the Glass of Wine item.

Please note – this does not happen automatically, you do need to keep inventory available when selling the glasses of wine.

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