Credit Card Setup
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Credit Card Set Up

Artisan works with several companies, credit card processors and payment gateways, to facilitate payments to your customers. Optional integrated payment processing lets you authorize credit cards (and other payment types) directly through Artisan w/o a separate bank terminal. (Requires purchase of additional software/service, and a Magnetic Card Swipe reader. MSR is not required for manual card # entry, e.g. phone orders).

In order to set up your payment processing features on Artisan make sure you have signed up with a CerTek Software Designs, Inc. approved credit card processing company.  For more information read this article Credit Card ProcessingIf in doubt call CerTek Support with your questions


You have to do these steps on each station you want payment processing on. We recommend all stations to be set up for credit card processing, even back office computers if used for over-the-phone order taking.

Once you have your account information from your processing company, usually merchant number, user name and password, you should be ready to set up your credit card processing company in Artisan and start processing payments.

1. In Artisan from Main Menu go to 6) System Administration => 1) Configuration Settings => 1) Business & Financial Settings => 5) Payment and Tender Settings => Payment Processing Settings (this station)=> Choose your processing company.

2. On this screen set up your information.  User name and password are provided by the processing company. 

- For Processing Company on this screen choose: FDMS Nashville/Envoy (FDCN) . This will work for all.

Commercial Card Data: Choose Level 2

- Enable Debit Card Processing: only if you have a Debit PIN Pad

Click on More for more settings.

- If you clicked on More, you will see this screen for more configuration information (This requires special license from CerTek, you may not be able to see this)

- This screen allows you to set Gratuities.

- Close this screen to continue to previous one.

 Once completed Save. You are ready to process credit/debit payments. Go to main menu or Cash Register Screen.

3.  Given the scenario that your Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) is already set up in Artisan, now you can go to the Cash Register screen and try with a test sale, you can do a $1.00 sale to test with your card, this can be voided later. If it works you should see receipt printing for confirmation. If any problems arise, contact Certek Sotware Designs, Inc. for technical support.

NOTE: Artisan works with 3-track and 2-track card readers. You need a 3-track MSR if you want to be able to read driver licenses.


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