Importing from Perfect Partner
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Import Data from Perfect Partner

  1. Create blank Artisan data, add license keys 
  2. copy import files into data directory, overwrite existing files. (CONVFLD.*, CONVMAP.*
  3. Make a Backup of this data as a place to start over if necessary.
  4. Copy the "Working" folder from Kizuri's client folder.
  5. Delete all the .tmp files in the PTR folder.
  6. Copy PRODUCTS.DBF & PRODUCTS.CDX from PTR folder into "Working" folder.
  8. If GIFTCERT is present, then copy it too, and make sure code is un-commented or commented as appropriate.
  9. In import.prg. Edit the path of the set defa command to the current customer's client folder.
  10. compile and run import.prg
  11. Run Artisan and import Categories (Departments first, then categories)
    Switch the path to the same default in the import.prg
  12. Make a new backup, saving the first one.
  13. Import Vendors, adjusting the source path file.
  14. Make another backup.

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