Exporting Vendor Records
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How to Export Vendor Records From Artisan

Artisan allows you to export customer, item, vendor, manufacturer/publisher, and category records to a file that can be editable on a program like Microsoft Excel. 

All fields related to vendors can be exported if necessary or only the essentials like emails, address, account number, etc.

On this tutorial we will export a list of vendor records to get their emails.

Step 1:

There are two ways to get to the Import/Export screen in Artisan. 

A. On the top menu, click on "File" => Choose "Import" or "Export"

B. From the Main Menu go to 6) System Administration => 4) Database Maintenance => 7) Import/Export Data

Step 2: 

Once you go to the Export Database Records Screen choose "Export Vendors Records" for the purposes of this tutorial.

Step  3:

On the next screen, you have several options to set depending on what you want to export

  • Export File Format: There are 4 formats available for the export file. CSV (Comma Delimited) is the easiest one to edit in Microsoft Excel.
  • Export File Name: The file name can be anything, just make note of the path if it is changed since it is at this location that the file will be saved.
    • By default C:\Artisan\Vendor.CSV is selected
  • Include Field Headers: Whether you want column headers or not on this file you have the option available.
  • Include All Fields: This would include all fields related to vendors in Artisan.
  • Include Email: Set this option to "Y" if you want to export a list of vendors and their emails.

Step 4: 

Once ready to export the selected fields, click on "Start" and the file will be place at the location set above. By default, these files are saved at this location on your computer "C:\Artisan "

  • Once the file is saved go find it on your computer. Again, usually at  "C:\Artisan "
  • Then it can be edited in Microsoft Excel if this program is available on this computer
    • Right click the file => Open With => Select Microsoft Office Excel

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