Adjusting Darkness on Labels
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Adjusting Darkness on Labels

Darkness can be set to a lower/higher level for decreasing/increasing the intensity. It does not have to be excessively high, try 15 or even lower and see how it works. If it does not work, keep increasing until you feel comfortable with the darkness.

NOTE: The darkness set at the following screen only affects that specific form. If you want to decrease/increase the darkness for all forms currently in use, you have to do it one by one. 

The path to get to the forms that being used is: Main Menu => 2) Inventory & Pricing => 7) Merchandise Item Labels 1) Print Labels for Individual Items => Choose an Item and Press Enter => Choose Form as shown below.

1. Adjust the darkness:
Remember to "Initialize" after adjusting the settings. 

2. After Adjusting the settings for the form, INITIALIZE.

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