Ordering and Receiving Items on a Special Order
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I. Ordering the Items on a Special Order 

When you create a Special Order, a Purchase Request will be generated for all the items on the order.

If looking to create, edit and deliver Special Orders, check this article - Creating, Editing and Delivering an Order

A. To look at the Purchase Request generated follow:

Top Menu => GO=> Purchase Requests 


Main Menu => 2) Inventory & Pricing => 2) Stock Management => 1) Purchase Requests (Waiting to Order)

The example below is a Purchase Request that was generated from a Special Order. 

If you Edit the Record (F4) on this screen you will see the details of this request. 

B. Now we need to order this item for the customer. 

From the list of Purchase Requests you can press enter on the item to generate a PO. 

You are then given options of what to include on this PO. 

    • You can select #1 to include all Purchase Requests for this vendor OR 
    • #5 to only order the requests for this single item. 

Press Enter one of these to start your PO. 

C. Now that you are on the PO screen you will see the item(s) listed from the Purchase Requests. 

You can still view the details of the requests by using CTRL + D on each line item.

The customer’s name will be in the detail screen if this item is for a Special Order. 

You can add any additional items to this PO before you finalize it. 

Finalize the PO by Pressing (F10) 

II. Receiving Items for a Special Order 

A. Now Process the Receiving. 

Any item that is received for a Special Order will have a pop-up indicating which customer this item was ordered for. 

You have an option to print a slip to attach to the item so you know who it is for.


B. In the Cash Register:

 The status for the order will now show a Ready (R) and you can have the customer come in to pick it up.

 When the customer comes in take any additional payment and then mark the order delivered as normal. 

C.  Quantities:

In the Item record under More Info… you can always see the status of the Quantities. 

We have Received this item and it is now On Hand and it also shows as Reserved. 

Once the Order is marked delivered the QOH will be 0 and there will no longer be any reserved.

III. Outstanding Transactions

To check all special orders pending that are pending or check any outstanding transaction go to:

  • Main Menu => 4) Accounting => 4) Outstanding Transactions => Special Orders / Custom Orders => 

From the list below, there are options to check:

  • All Pending Orders
  • Orders waiting
  • Incomplete orders
  • Orders ready to pick up
  • Completed orders
  • Or see all orders.

    • There are two options to view details about the transaction:
      • 1) Transaction Summaries Only 
      • 2) Individual Line Items

Press "F4" to look at details for this pending order

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