PayPros Virtual Terminal
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BusinessView Virtual Terminal Inquiry

PayPros does not have this feature enable by default, but they offer a virtual terminal so merchants can process credit cards from a web browser as well.

Note: If a merchant using Artisan POS processes transactions from a virtual terminal, those transactions will not appear in Artisan POS, if the merchant wants those transactions in Artisan POS, he/she must enter them manually and choose an appropriate payment method like "Adjustment" or other.

If a merchant wants this feature enable, he or she must call PayPros:

Have your account information readily available as they will ask for merchant information.

Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Call PayPros Technical Support at 1-866-268-1503 or check their website for other numbers at

Step 2

 Tell technical support to enable the virtual terminal so transactions can be done through a browser. 

  • Or give them this ticket number: #1155042 (it is their internal reference for "Enabling Virtual Terminal")

Once you have your credential to access your BusinessView account, you can do so at this link:

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