How to Create New User/Users
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How to Create New User/Users

This article shows how to create a user account in Artisan 3.X. This allows Artisan to track sales, time and tasks within the software based on the user.

For more information on user security levels and user set-up refer to the Artisan Manual Section 5.2.2 Security Settings, 5.2.3 Authorized Users. The manual can be accessed from Artisan by going to Artisan Top Menu => Help => Manuals => Then select Artisan_Users_Manual_3.0_SE

If not users are set up yet, the first user to be created can take owner security level within Artisan, which means this user will have access to all aspects of the program. 

Types of users in Artisan: 

  • Owner
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Clerk (Level 1)
  • Clerk (Level 2)

If other users in higher security levels have been created, whoever is creating a new user should have access to this level. For example: 

  • If you are a Clerk 1 User, you probably may not be able to create a user at all depending on the security settings.
  • If you are a Manager User, you may be able to create users on Clerk 1, Clerk 2 and Supervisor levels but not Manager levels of above.
  • If you are an Owner User, you have access to all levels and can create all types of users.
Note: If creating an user is not allow on your level, contact a person in a higher level and have them create the user. CerTek Software will not create new users other than the Owner User. If you need help with users, contact management at your company/store.

Step 1: Getting to the user set-up screen

  • From the Main Menu got to 6) System Administration => 1) Configuration Settings => 2) Security Settings & User Set-Up => 1) Authorized Users
  • Notice in the screen below we have not created any user yet. In order to do so press "F3" on the keyboard or click on the option "F3=Add A New Record"

Step 2: Creating the user

  • User Name: First and Last (This will appear on reports)
  • Short Name: This is only a few characters long and shows up on the Cash Register Screen.
  • Active: Y or N (Yes or No)
  • Access Level: Click on the field or press the right-arrow key to see all options. 

  • Password: Use both letters and numbers in this field if desired. The password IS NOT CASE SENSITIVE.The password will display as an asterisk (*) for each character that has been typed. 
  • Menu Order: 80 is default. This controls the display order in the Clerk/User menu. Names with duplicate numbers will display in alphabetical order. 
  • Include In Detailed Sales Reports?: Enter “Y” to include this User in report breakdowns of Sales by Customer/Sales Rep, or “N” to exclude the User.
  • Commission: Optionally enter a commission percentage.
  • Track Time Worked?: Enter “Y” to track this User’s time worked with the Employee Time Clock (If Time Clock is enabled)

Step 3: Finalize the create-user process

  • Once the an user has been set up, Artisan will ask an existing user to grant access to a new user. (Depending on security settings, the level may be the owner, or another higher level user)

  • When a user is created, it should now be on the list of authorized users. 

  • Creating a user is a simple task in Artisan yet it allows the user to have control over the features and adds more accuracy to reports enabling more data to be gathered by the program and keep track of the changes made by each user.

  • There are lots of features regarding users and security that worked together. For more information about security settings or Artisan in general refer to the manual found within Artisan itself at Artisan Top menu => Help => Manuals

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