Pin Pad Setup
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Default Settings for Pin Pad Verifone PINpad 1000SE

When setting up the pin pad most of them use a Serial-to-USB adapter, make sure this is installed correctly and make note of the COM# port in order to set it up correctly in Artisan.

Set it up in Artisan:

  • The settings in the image below are the defaults for the pin pad, except PIN Pad Port which can be different depending on the port the device is connected to.

  • Make sure these are the same as the settings in the pin pad itself from the Windows Device Manager.
    • To do this go to Windows Device Manager. 
    • Look for the Pin Pad on the list of devices under Ports
    • Right-click and check the properties.
    • Check the Port Settings on the Port Tab
    • Make sure they are the same as the image above. They need to match with Artisan POS

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