BridgePay & Chosen Payments User Alert
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To all BridgePay and Chosen Payments users, 

BridgePay, one of Artisan POS credit card processing partners, has recently sent a notice to all users about changes on their transaction protocols. This change is regarding security on the information that is sent to their servers. In simple terms, they are increasing security of transactions by using a newer, more secure method to transfer information from the point-of-sale to their servers.
This change will take effect on November 3rd, 2014 at 4:30 am ET
How will Artisan POS users be affected?
If you are using BridgePay or Chosen Payment this changes apply to you, however, Artisan POS supports the new protocol and is ready to keep processing payments with no issues.
  • The user does not have to take action on this matter UNLESS your computers are running Microsoft Windows XP or older.
  • If your computers have Windows XP or older, there is only and quick change that needs to be done. Contact CerTek technical support for assistance. Also consider upgrading Windows to a newer version as Windows XP is not longer supported by Microsoft.

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