Using Gift Cards in Artisan
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Instructions for Using Disposable Gift Cards

Artisan POS 3.X versions, for 3.4.40 or latersupports only one style of gift card handling(disposable), depending on the type of cards you have and how you want to use them. Restrictions in earlier versions are noted where applicable.

NOTE: This document is about private gift cards for your store. Generic Visa/MC/Amex “Gift Cards” are really just prepaid credit cards and are redeemed exactly like credit cards. Artisan does not support issuing or adding value to such “Gift Cards.”

If you have not already obtained your gift cards, CerTek Software Designs, Inc. can help you to get the appropriate type of cards for the handling style you wish to use. We highly recommend the “Disposable Gift Card” style described below.

In all cases, each card is printed with a card number, both human-readable and scanner-readable. The scanner-readable number may be encoded with a bar code. Whenever you use the card, you can either scan the bar code or type in the number. 

Gift Card Styles

Disposable Gift Cards – This is by far the easiest style to use with the current versions of Artisan POS. These gift cards are treated just like pre-numbered gift certificates and are discarded once redeemed. Any partial remaining balance is converted to a store credit or put onto a new gift card. They cannot be reused in Artisan POS.

Gift Card Style Summary:

Gift Card Style

Where is Value Kept?


Bar Code

Mag Stripe

Monthly Fee?


Artisan POS





Instructions for Disposable Gift Cards

Card Requirements (Artisan POS 3.4.40 or later)

 This style can be used with a bar code or magnetic stripe cards, with any of the following formats:

  • In a Code 128 bar code, encode a number sign (“#”) followed by exactly 8 digits (using leading zeros as necessary).
  • If you have never used gift cards previously start the numbering at “#00001001”. Print the human-readable number below it, *without* the number sign (i.e. only print the digits), *including* the leading zeros.
  • Bar code in the older pre-3.2 versions of Artisan ID card bar code format described in the “ID Card Requirements”section.

One-Time Setup

1. Go to System Administration=>Configurations Settings.

2. In Business & Financial Settings=>Payment & Tender Settings=>Gift Certificates & Store Credits, set "Allow Gift Certificates" to "Y", and "Prompt for GC Number" to "Y". Set other settings on the screen as desired.

3. If you are using Artisan 3.1 or later, go to Report Settings & Other Defaults=>Search Option Defaults=>Gift Certificate Search Options, and make sure the option for "Selecting a gift certificate to redeem" is set to 1.

4. If you're using credit-card format gift cards, you must set the "Prefix(es) of Credit Cards to Use as Customer IDs or GCs" to include a number string that's common to the beginning of all of your gift card numbers (and distinct from real credit cards). In 3.4 this is under Business & Financial Settings=>Payment & Tender Settings=>Credit Card Settings; in later versions it's in Device Configuration=>Magnetic Card Reader (MSR). In either case, you must do this on every station that will be using gift cards.

Issuing a Gift Card (purchasing a new gift card)

1. In the Cash Register, enter "GC" as the Item Code, fill in the price and finalize the sale as usual.

2. After selecting Save from the Payments window, you will be prompted for the GC number.

3. Scan or swipe the gift card to fill in the number, or type it in.

Redeeming a Gift Card (using it to pay for merchandise)

1. Ring up sale as normal, and select Gift Certificate as payment type.

2. You will be prompted to select the Gift Certificate. If it's not asking for "Gift Certificate #", press F2 to select search options, and change to search option 1, "Gift Certificate #".

3. Scan the gift card, or type in the number.

4. if it says No Records Match, then the card number is wrong or has already been redeemed.

5. Otherwise, press Enter to select the high lighted card number, and save the sale as usual.

6. If the gift card amount was not entirely used, you can refund the balance or put it on store credit.

7. The gift card can no longer be used. Discard it, or put it aside for possible re-use with a future version of Artisan.

Adding Value to an Existing Card

You cannot add value to a Disposable Gift Card. You must either create a store credit or issue a new card for any additional amount.


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