Artisan Computer Minimum Requirements
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Artisan Computer Minimum Requirements

Artisan 3.5 or later version has certain hardware requirements that we recommend in order to run the application smoothly. You may already have a computer that will run this new version just fine; however, if you are buying a new computer this is what we recommend.

Specifications: These are minimum specifications, of course, you could have more than recommended.

  •  RAM Memory:

At least 4 GB Ram (Most computers nowadays have this amount of RAM memory)

  • Processor:

 At least 2.0 GHz dual-core or Hyper-threaded

  • Operating System:


    • Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 Professional 64-Bit. (Not Windows XP or older; we do not recommend Windows Vista) -
    • Windows 10 has not been released yet nor tested with Artisan.

  • Hard Drive Storage:

We recommend 500GB of free hard drive space.

NOTE: Artisan 3.5 or later may run fine on any other computer that does not meet the minimum requirements we recommend above; however, we do not guarantee this will not cause any issues nor will we take any responsibility for hardware failure or compatibility issues.

If you have older devices that work on serial or parallel connections you may need extra parts for you new computer that enables connections to this type of devices. CerTek Software does not support serial/parallel devices or adapters for serial/parallels to USB. If they do not work, do not expect CerTek to troubleshoot them as this is not included in support plans. We recommend USB devices without adapters.

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